Why hire a Wedding Planner?

They say every fairy tale has a happy ending but we classify every Proposal / Engagement as a fairy tale with a happy beginning. The beginning of a new commitment towards the relationship, of a new phase in each other’s lives and of course of lots of celebration.
His proposal and your acceptance or vice versa definitely brings in a lot of happiness, cheer and good times but an impending wedding means some serious work. In a city as big as Mumbai, trying to play the superheroes isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so the most logical decision is to opt for a Wedding Planner. Not just any Wedding Planner but preferably the best wedding planners in Mumbai. After all, these are decisions you just don’t want to take chances with. At first there tends to be a lot of pondering whether to leave the most special day of your lives to someone else but the more you think about it, you realize you have every reason to do so.

Be a part of your own wedding

To begin with, a wedding is a family reunion and what fun would a reunion be if you can’t be part of it? If you want to enjoy your celebrations as much as everyone else is going to, you have to hand over the planning process to someone competent which would then allow you the time to bond, experience and enjoy every moment of this special occasion.

Get help finalizing an idea

We know most Indian families (including mine) tend to be big and quite opinionated, and therefore having the guidance of professional wedding planners helps you reach a conclusion at each stage. Going around in circles only adds to the stress doesn’t it? With so many ideas and thoughts flying past the room during those days, you need someone to zero in on the most practical ideas.

Budget it right

From the basics of giving your little love story a gorgeous setting with the right themes to the other aspects of planning like choosing the right entertainment and catering, amongst other things, your aim should be to choose a company whose planners are proficient and most importantly able to budget the wedding right. There’s no surprise as to why they term weddings in our country as the ‘the Big Fat Indian Wedding’ keeping in mind how we tend to splurge and most often on unnecessary aspects. As a couple this is something perhaps the both of you might not want.

Spend accurately

As much as you would like to include anything and everything possible to make this day extremely memorable, we believe, by having wedding planners assist you with their extensive set of vendors and ideas, you would not only be spending wisely but more importantly spending accurately.

Completely drawn to the idea of celebrating the wedding with more time to spend with family and friends, have the day planned in the most spectacular way and without taking on any of the stress themselves, most couples take the plunge and get planners to organize everything from their Cocktails, Mehendi and Sangeet to their Baraat and… we promise you, they aren’t disappointed! What starts off as a chaotic process only turns out to be a smooth, fun and super memorable ride.

The Wedding Co. is a team of wedding planners based in Mumbai, our success is based on the extremely personal service that we provide to our clients. The Wedding Co. specialises in stylish, exclusive and exceptional weddings. We provide a variety of wedding planning services and bespoke packages for the modern bride and groom. The resource network we have developed over the years helps us provide our clients with turnkey solutions, after gaining an in-depth understanding of what their expectations are.

For the perfect wedding and absolute peace of mind, call The Wedding Co., Mumbai’s Premier wedding planners.

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